Raptor Capitalism

It’s like watching people arguing about where to sit to listen to the musicians — on the Titanic. But like the Titanic, once the bulkheads ruptured, the end was inevitable.  Who cares if the violin player missed a note, or if one of the stewards stole a necklace from one of the cabins, when the ship is sinking.

I had dinner last night with some good friends, and inevitably the subject of the elections came up.  I asked the hostess, who I knew to be a Democrat, why she liked HRC. She answered, “Because a woman’s body is her own. That only she can decide what to do with her body.” Obviously this pertains to abortion, not to what color to paint her hair. I asked her what other viewpoints she shared with the candidate, and she couldn’t think of any other points.

When I told her that the American empire had passed its zenith, and at the end it won’t matter if abortion is permitted or not. She answered that at least somebody with similar viewpoints as hers, would be leading the country in its decline. She had made a decision based primarily on one issue.  Her husband, also a Dem, was only interested the Supreme Court pick that would replace the missing Supreme Court Judge.

When I asked a Republican why he was voting for Trump, his answer was “closing the borders”, and also “who was going to appoint the new Supreme Court Justice so they won’t mess with the 2nd Amendment.”

What happened to the spiraling debt?   We have almost doubled the public debt in the last 8 years.  What happens when interest rates rise? Or is keeping the rates at this ridiculous level the long term plan? Remember the Emperor with no clothes? One day somebody is not going to want US government bonds. And that day is closer than we think. Having the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world makes it possible to put a LOT of pressure on other countries.  Also having the biggest guns doesn’t hurt either.

Historically governments have gone to war to avoid this type of crisis at home.  Put everybody’s attention on getting the “bad guy” overseas, so they won’t care as much about the new draconian laws they are planning on passing.  Remember 9-11 and the Patriot Act? For this to work, they have to control the media, and this they do, since it seems that rabble rousing for profit is their mantra.

We have already planted the seeds of the next big war. They are planted in the sands of Levant. And ISIS, the offspring of our ridiculous foreign escapades, is the cannon fodder.

The US Foreign Policy is lauded by the military industrial complex and abhorred by other countries. Wow, what a way to make friends and influence people. It reminds me of something I heard when I was a pilot in Vietnam. “Grab them by the balls and their hearts and minds will follow.”  Trust me, it does not work. The US is not the one wearing the “white hats”. It seems the only part of the Foreign Policy mandate they focus on is “…and to safeguard American business abroad”.  No matter that the particular foreign venture was started with the knowledge that Uncle Sam and his Marines, (today drones) would be the enforcer that would try to pull their chestnuts from the fire. It didn’t work in Iran in the 50s, or Guatemala before that, or Vietnam, or Cambodia, or Afghanistan, or Iraq.

I don’t want to hear that without US intervention, the situation would be much worse, and I’m not referring to the World Wars. You will note, that US intervention only occurs in places where US companies have a  big vested interest. In the US we practice “Raptor Capitalism”, which means we plunder. To my knowledge, the only beneficiaries from ANY of our wild expeditions abroad have been the resource companies (including United Fruit Company), and the military industrial complex.

Finally before I run out of ink, I should mention the Federal Reserve policy, Quantitative Easing. This is a subject that has had extensive coverage in the alternative media. To resolve a number of really bad credit decisions, the FED decided in their “wisdom” to reduce the cost of credit to large corporations and banks. This has caused an equity bubble in the markets, that has benefited the top 10% at the detriment of the other 90%. That is why Trump has gotten this far, he has captured the essence of the disenfranchised among us.

I need to chill for a while. I thought that writing about this would make me feel better, it just pisses me off more.

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