Don’t tell me, show me.

There are a few things that my mother told me that I’ve never forgotten. One of them is: “Tell me what you talk about, and I will tell you what you lack.”  It has never failed me.

Our dear President got into the White House by bragging about his negotiating skills, and how good a deal maker he was.

A spending bill was passed last night that did not include 8 of the President’s top priorities.  1- No money for a Wall, 2- Non defense domestic spending has gone up, 3-Instead of slashing National Institutes of Health funding, they almost doubled it, 4- The EPA gets $80 million less, but their budget is $8 billion, so they lost 1%, 5- Planned Parenthood was not touched, 6- Trump wanted $30 billion for the military, he got $12.5, 7- The Democrats forced the Republicans to withdraw 160 riders, and finally 8- And will continue to fund Obamacare.

The Democrats are congratulating themselves today.  And all this when the Republicans control the 2 Houses of Congress and the White House.

Maybe he shouldn’t play so much golf.

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