Disney is in charge.

The last six months since Donald Duck took over the office of the Presidency has been fraught with confusion. Hundred’s of editorials and blogs have lamented about the way he runs the Presidency. We each have something to dislike about the President’s policies and behavior. I agree with most of them. I’m not going to bore you by elaborating on my 3 Ps (presidential pet peeves).

Well, I’m lying. I am going to mention a couple of new ones I just discovered. Nepotism. Donald Duck has taken it further than any decent dictator has been able to do in the past. Just a couple of examples:

His son-in-law, who was supposed to walk on water, was required disclose his assets, in the financial disclosure form in order to get vetted for the White House position he holds. He obviously decided to disclose the absolute minimum. Then when the press discovered that he had additional assets he had not reported, and published it, he made a correction. He did this 39 times and disclosed an additional 77 assets! Not once, not 5 times, but 39 times! There are no excuses for this except that he was untruthful every time. Then he conveniently forgot to disclose over 100 foreign nationals in his security clearance. My concern is that, with such a weak memory, he will one day forget where he parked his car. Oh, he doesn’t drive any more? In that case it’s all right. Donal Duck will pardon him when he gets indicted.

Then it is the appointment of another Disney character. Callista Gingrich’s appointment to the Holy See.  Perhaps the most unqualified person to be put up for an Ambassadorship. Her qualifications range from being Valedictorian in her high school class, and playing the french horn in a band, to being a clerk in the House Agriculture Committee. Heady stuff. The Pope will love chatting with her. At least Donald Duck picked a Catholic.

The only smart thing Donald did was picking his VP. Now nobody wants to impeach him, as that would leave us with another Disney character, who is even scarier.

I long for the simpler days of my youth, when I didn’t know what was happening in the world. Now Twitter reminds us daily that we live in a nightmare of our own making.

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