Civil Forfeiture and other abuses

Today I read that a VW exec on vacation in Miami was arrested when he was returning to Germany from vacation. He was led away in handcuffs. Is he dangerous? I seriously doubt it. He faces charges of misleading regulators. Wow, how dangerous. Were VW executives aware of the cheating? Maybe. Was anybody hurt? No. Is there any evidence of their misdeeds? Probably not. This witch hunt only exists because in 10 days Obama leaves the White House and VW has lots of money.  It is expected that the Justice Department will reach a multibillion-dollar settlement with VW this week, and the more hostages they have, the more VW will have to pay.

Is this any different from the abuses of Civil Forfeiture in the last 8 years?

Civil Forfeiture is basically the confiscation of assets without a conviction or even an arrest for a crime. All the police has to do is suspect that the money would be used for illegal purposes, or came from illegal sources, and they can take it away and use it for whatever they want. There are thousands of stories of innocent people having their property taken away with little or no recourse.

The New Yorker ( did an in depth story on this and the reporter was shaken at the horror he uncovered. Many police departments depend on civil forfeiture to pay salaries. Is nobody else incensed?They can take your possessions without even charging you with wrongdoing. The average person cannot afford to fight it.

Is this about fighting crime? Or is Civil Forfeiture a business? Should the Justice Department’s name be changed to the Profit Department? Makes sense to me.

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