Mercedes Benz CL 55 AMG

Now that I was car-less again I started looking for another Merc. The dealer in Calabasas had a 2003 silver Mercedes Benz CL 55 AMG. It had a supercharged 5.5 L V8 that put out 493 hp and 516 f.p. of torque! It was a monster! According to Motor Trend, it could get to 60 mph in 4.27 seconds. The exhaust was loud, tuned to sound like a race car. It was wonderful to feel sports car power in such a comfortable chariot. One of the things I really liked about the design was the lack of a B pillar. It reminded me of my 850 CSi.

I started working on a project in Sacramento, so I drove back and forth from LA once a week for months. The CL 55 would scarf down the miles like a hungry child. I had to upgrade my radar detector after being stopped for speeding, 91 in a 65.  I was actually going faster, but I saw the brake lights coming on ahead, and slowed down a bit. The cop reduced my speed to 81 so I wouldn’t lose my license, or something. I pretended to be grateful and smiled, while under my breath I wished he would get 4 flat tires on the way home. Another time, coming back from Sacramento at night I was able to test the limiter. It’s weird to feel the engine cut out at speed. There were sections on I-5 where you could see the traffic for 10 or so miles ahead and see if any cops were waiting for you. That is where we tested the limiter. The CL was incredibly steady at 155. What a high it was to drive at that speed! Some of you will know what I mean.

I had earlier found a fantastic Mercedes mechanic in LA. His name is George Masheresian and he owns MBZ Motors in Canoga Park in the Valley. (If you have a Mercedes in the southwest US, find George) I had become a little concerned about some noises I kept hearing in the car, so even though we were under warranty, I wanted George to check it. George basically told me that I was going to have a serious problem after my warranty expired in a few months.  I was never going to be happy to spend the money fixing the problems, primarily suspension, when the warranty was gone, so I sadly started the process of selling the CL55.

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