Land Rover Discovery Sport

My desire to continue to help these hungry school children necessitated a better off-road vehicle, or at least that was my excuse. Soon my eyes were glazed from looking at the specs of all the compact SUVs. They all sounded the same. In my opinion, the best 4X4 in the world was arguably the Land Rover. It was borne of African conflicts in the ’40s, and in recent years had become very upscale with the Range Rover brand. Land Rover had just released the new Land Rover Discovery Sport. The cognoscenti call it the Disco Sport. It was smaller than the Range Rover but not as utilitarian as the Defender or the Discovery. It seemed perfect for San Miguel de Allende.

discoThe North American models only came with the Ford Ecoboost 4 cylinder 240 hp turbocharged engine with a 9-speed ZP auto gearbox. The new Land Rover Ingenium engine, designed for the new compact models,  wouldn’t come to these shores till 2017. So I got a Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE SI4. Although I didn’t need it, this model also came with the 3 rows of passengers seats, the rear seat folding nicely into the floor and not giving up any space in the trunk. The color on mine was Scotia Grey, a soft greenish grey. I frankly was getting tired of all the black, white, or grey cars in the market. I was thinking red, but my wife thought it would attract too much attention. When I asked the dealer the differences between the Luxury and the HSE models, he said, not much, the interior lighting can be modified and controlled by the user, and the leather is a higher quality inside, also 16 speakers instead of 10. I don’t care about extra speakers, my hearing can’t tell anymore. He neglected to tell me that although the dealership website states that Parking Assist is supposed to be in this model, it isn’t. Also, the memory seats and mirrors are only available in the Luxury version. Not really important, but it would have been nice to have since the specs in the brochure said the HSE has them.

I’ve had the Disco Sport for 6 months, and after a dozen trips to the “campo” to deliver food, the Disco still has NO rattles. Every weekend we try to drive around the countryside to visit new small forgotten silver mining towns. This area was one of the largest producers of silver …till the mines ran out of silver years ago, and now they are ghost towns that some people are trying to convert into artist retreats and tourist destinations.

Usually, I find fault with every car I’ve owned after a few months.  Now that I’m (almost) used to the turbo lag, I can’t find any faults, not big ones anyway.

I just had the first service. The only thing wrong was the Auto Start/Auto-Off, which apparently had malfunctioned. I never noticed it. I had put on about 8,000 Km in a year. The dealership gave me a loaner which was a red Jaguar Pace-R SUV. The Jag had a softer suspension and had a 6 cylinder supercharged engine. Although it was faster I didn’t like it as much as my Disco. Another funny thing happened when I picked up my Disco. The service lady told me I had lost the cap on one of the tires of the Pace and she wanted me to pay for it. I could hardly believe her. At first, I thought she was joking, then a manager came up and repeated the problem. I told them in no uncertain terms that I was not going to pay for it – and drove away in my car.