Cadillac CTS

A few years later, we got ready to move to Santa Barbara, CA. It didn’t make sense to take the Yukon, since I didn’t need a large vehicle and the Yukon sucked fuel like a thirsty camel. A friend of mine called me to tell me he had just bought the new Cadillac CTS and he loved it. I went and took one for a test drive. It was a nice car and as soon as my wife saw it she informed me that she would take the Caddy, and I got to keep the Jeep.2004 Cadillac CTS

We kept the Caddy for the entire 4 year lease, and when it was over, we leased another CTS for another 4 years. Other than scheduled oil changes, we didn’t have a single problem with either car for the 8 years we owned them. GM finally had a great product. Gone were the days of my grandfather’s Cadillac. The CTS was obviously designed to compete with the European mid-sized MW and Benz’s, and they did a great job. Besides the fuel consumption was much better than the Yukon we sold to the Caddy dealer.

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