Jaguar XJ6

Jag xj6 side My expected trip didn’t materialize when planned, so I needed to buy a car until it happened. Since I didn’t know when I was leaving, I needed to buy something I could sell relatively quickly, and not take an economic hit when I needed to sell it. After doing some research on local vehicles I found an 1989 red Jaguar XJ6. Ever since I saw a French movie with Belmondo driving an XJ6, and wrecking it a couple of times, while being chased by Corsican bandits, I loved the look of the car. I especially found it cool to have two gas tanks, that could be filled from either side. The only problem was that although they were linked by a tube, the tank on the other side may not get filled entirely if you filled your side fast. It took a while for the gasoline to find its level between both tanks. It was still cool to have two tanks.

The engine was the XJ 6 inline-six engine, with 4 valves and twin overhead cams producing 245 hp. It was a Vanden Plas model so it came with amazing niceties everywhere, like burled wood desks for the rear passengers, etc. This version was a bit more squared off than the previous XJ. Also, I remember having 3 wipers in my E-Type, and this XJ6 only had ONE. I wonder if the Brits will figure out that the rest of the world seems to like 2 wipers…Jag xj6

I thoroughly enjoyed my XJ6 and found it very comfortable to drive. Driving to Miami was a breeze in that car, unlike the SL I’d leased previously.

After a few months my deal came though and I packed up and moved to London. I was going to see a lot of Jags there.

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