Yamaha FZ 750

Summer was approaching and I really missed my K bike. I was told that it wold take a few months to repair it. So just for the hell of it I took a drive down to the Yamaha place in Connecticut. I saw the FZ 750 and fell in love again. The bike just looked fast!

I bought it and enjoyed it for a few months. Then one day I was in a hurry, for some reason and I popped the clutch and found myself doing an unintentional wheelie. I was hanging on with two fingers and couldn’t re-grip the throttle so I could slow it down. If I let go of the throttle, I was going to be sitting on my ass on the tarmac. I’ve been there and didn’t want to do it again. The next 5 seconds took about one hour. I never felt so out of control in my life. Obviously I didn’t kill myself, but got so scared that as soon as my K100 was repaired I sold the FZ. It wasn’t the bikes fault.  I was not used to such a light and quick bike.

The only other thing I didn’t like was the tinny sound of the bike.

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