Ferrari 328 GTS

The next day I drove over to Spring Valley to see what surprises Mike had for me.

Ferrari_328_gts_1985_-_1989_5First of all, he had a buyer for my QV (of course) and, he happened to have a brand new Rosso Corso Ferrari 328 GTS waiting for me.  He walked me over to the showroom and there was my new Ferrari 328 GTS.  The lines were softer, and it felt more finished.  I really liked it.  The engine displacement had risen to 3.2L and the output increased to 270 HP from the 240 HP of the QV.  It was much faster than the QV with a stated top speed of 166 mph. It didn’t take a lot to convince me to swap my QV for the new 328. The new 328 was just like the predecessors except much, much better.

“Gary also ordered a new 288 GTO.” He mentioned.

“Yeah, I know.” I answered.

“You know, Gary buys a lot more cars from us than you do, we had to offer it to him.” Mike said.

“Is that all you will get? One car?” I asked.

“Only 3 in New England. We get one, but I may know where to grab another one.  You want it?”

“Definitely.” I said.  They were only going to make 250 in the entire run for homologation purposes.

A week later Mike called to say he had found another GTO and he would get it for me.  The list price at the time was about $120,000 and it was already selling for a lot more on the market.

I was thrilled to be driving my new 328 daily driver until a month before the 288 GTO was supposed to land in the States when Mike called me again. “I have bad news, Peter. I had to give your GTO to Ralph Lauren. He is one of the largest Ferrari collectors in the States. Frankly you are not as valuable as Ralph, and he gets what he wants.”

By the time Gary gave me a drive in his new GTO, the prices were going through the roof. The dealers then decided to stop selling at list and see what the market would bare. I had heard of a car that was flipped for half a mil right away. I would have sold my GTO right away since to me it only seemed like a swollen 308. Ralph Lauren probably still has mine.

A few years later Enzo Ferrari died. By now I had moved to live in Miami Beach. One day a car dealer I knew in Miami came to chat with me. He asked to see my 328. I opened the garage door and showed him the 328.  It had under 6,000 miles.

“I’ll give you $120,000 for it, as is.  Right now.”  He offered.

I had bought the 328 a couple of years before and paid about $70,000 for it new. Now they were offering me almost twice what I paid, for a 2 year old car with 6k miles on it?  This was lunacy.  I thought it was just because Enzo died, and it would pass soon and the prices would be normal again.

The car dealer took his briefcase and opened it to show me stacks of bills. “There is 120k in here and it’s yours if you want to sell me the car.”

I took the briefcase. This was too good to miss. Now I didn’t have a single Ferrari left. I hoped I had sold at the peak, but only time would tell.

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