Dino 246 GTS

yel dinoA few years earlier I had seen the Yellow Dino 246 GTS that my friend Michel Alvarez Correa owned in Manhattan.  I always thought that if I had the opportunity I would get one.  It was truly beautiful. The opportunity arrived in a brown/black 246 GTS (chairs & flares) that needed a bit of cosmetic help.  The paint was bad, and it also needed interior fix, but the mechanicals were great.  I bought it and shipped it to our paint shop in Brooklyn.  I wanted it red and black interior.  They stripped the paint, and repainted it. The seats were already black, so they touched up the leather and reconditioned the rest.

When I got the car I was blown away. The car was beautiful in red.  I was in heaven. I had a few Ferraris and life was good.

One day I went to play tennis and took the new Dino to the tennis club. My tennis partner started laughing when he saw me. The back of my white polo shirt and white shorts were all black!  They had died the seats black, and the dye had not all been absorbed into the leather, so my pants and shirt did it instead.

I kept this car for a few years, loving every minute of it. Eventually after Enzo died, I started selling them. I moved to Florida and didn’t want to keep the car in the salty air.

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