A week or two later Mike told me he wanted to talk about another  car. He could buy my 400i, that had just been repaired, and get me into a new 750i.

“What is the new 750i?” I asked.

“The new flagship of the BMW line. It’s miles ahead of Mercedes this cycle. It is a 12 cylinder monster that will blow your mind. This is the best sedan in the world today.” Mike said.

“Do you have one here?” I asked.

“It’s 2 or 3 months before it arrives. We are getting two cars. Your partner Gary already ordered the 1st one.” He said.

“If you take my 400i what do I get till the 750 arrives?”

“How about a BMW M6 till it arrives?”bmw_m6_11

“That’s not a family car.” I said.

“Or you can get a 735 I have as a demonstrator?”

“I’ll take the M6.  By the way, what colour is my 750?” I asked.

“Champagne and bone. Gary got the black on black one.” He answered.

A few days later I drove home in a M6 and gave up my 400i. I liked the M6, but wasn’t in love with it. I drove it a little, but frankly waited for the new BMW to arrive. I had started reading a lot about this 12 cylinder Autobahn monster.

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