Alfa Romeo 1600 Giulia Spyder

oldalfaOne day I got a call from my friend Derk Korringa saying that he was not going to be able to repay the money I had loaned him, and he wanted to give me his collateral instead. His collateral was his 1968 Alfa Romeo 1600 Guilia Spyder that he loved, and tweaked, and caressed every weekend. The car also came with a spare 1.6L engine. As saddened as I was at my friends plight, I was not surprised. I knew when I loaned my friend the money, that it should be considered lost. I didn’t want to do it, but he put up his ‘love’ as collateral and I felt I couldn’t refuse him. I knew the Alfa was not worth what I loaned him, but I did it anyway.

About a month later my friend shows up with his Alfa in tow. I say in tow, because he had it half disassembled in various boxes and trailered. When Derk left I had a chance of seeing what I had just acquired. Two engines, a gearbox, 4 wheels, a frame, etc. After spending 20 minutes looking at everything for the 5 time, I had to recognize that I needed expert help. I had no idea of what to do with this..stuff.

Fortunately there was an Alfa specialist in Nyack, so I gave him a call and had the Alfa delivered to him for rejuvenation. It took six months, but at the end I had a perfect Alfa, albeit one that cost me twice what it was worth. I wasn’t planning on selling it, as it came from a period that I really liked – the sixties Italian cars.

giulia1600The car that I got back was magnificent. Perfect in every way. The problem was that it was still an Alfa, and not too exciting a vehicle at that. I liked the lines, they reminded me of my old Ferrari 250 GTPF, but in miniature.

I kept the car till I decided to move to Florida, and then it was sold together with all the rest.

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