MB 300 SD

The ene300sd bluergy crisis was still everywhere and gas lines were horrible, so I needed something economical to drive.  The next car I bought to commute was a lapis blue Mercedes Benz 300 SD.  Also a diesel, but night and day compared to the Caddy.  I kept this car a few years till I got divorced, and drove to lower Manhattan every day without a single problem.  Occasionally I would pick up a friend of mine on the way, and he kept telling me how much he liked my car.  I told him to buy his own, and he said, “Why? You have one.  I don’t need another one.”

It was very good looking, but didn’t go much over 100 mph. My wife really liked the car as well, so why was I always looking for another car? Did I mention it was not very exciting? I had the itch again.

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