Silver ’67 Jag XKE

Now that I moved out of Manhattan, and lived in the country I was sorry I sold my XKE in Manhattan. One day I was browsing through the car section of the local paper and saw another Jag Series 1 XKE for sale locally. It was not far, so I drove over to check it out. I shouldn’t have. Now I needed to explain to my wife why I went out for cigarettes, and returned with an XKE.

The car was silver, which was not my favorite color in a Jag, but everything else seemed perfect. Well, a few things needed attention, but the price seemed right, and I was about to sell my Porsche. I figured that I could fix the few things it needed and I would have perfect car for driving around the country. My wife thought I was nuts for selling a new Porsche and buying a 10 year old Jag. She was probably right.

The following year I had a lot of work. Things were good, but I was still woking in lower manhattan and the commute was horrendous.  The west side highway collapsed one day and all traffic to Wall Street had to be rerouted to the East side or onto the city streets. It was taking me an two hours each way. On the weekends I was exhausted and didn’t want to play with cars or anything –just rest.  To solve the traffic problem I bought a motorcycle and used it to commute.  Now I had a couple of motorcycles, and 3 cars. (I should mention that my friends would park their car in front of our house when they travelled since they didn’t want to pay for parking in New York, which was very expensive.) My neighbors started complaining that it looked like I had a used car lot in my house.

The Jag sat in my driveway for a year waiting for some TLC. Unfortunately I was busy and could not give it the time it needed. Soon we discovered that NY City was not going to repair the west side highway. We then decided to move to Pound Ridge, in Westchester County, where I thought the commute would be easier, since we also had the option of taking a train to the city. Sadly I decided to sell the Jag. Working on it was going to require a level of commitment I just didn’t have then.

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