Jag S-Type 3.4

68 Jaguar S-type 3.4.  We were still living in New York City and street parking always left creases on your fenders.  Mine had a crease on both front fenders.  On the plus side, I remember it being very quick and comfortable to drive.  It was like driving in your favourite leather easy-chair. It also had an electric overdrive, which I thought was really cool.  I was planning to fix the fenders, repaint the car British Racing Green, and I was going to keep it forever. 

One day we noticed the smell of gasoline inside the car.  I assumed I spilled some gas when filling it up, but the smell lingered like bad fish.  It got got worse.  I looked everywhere in the engine and couldn’t identify the source.

There was a hardware store near my apartment and one day I parked right in front of the store to buy something, and the owner asked me if I wanted to sell the Jag.  I smiled and said no.

A week or two later I was offered a job in Teheran and I decided to take it.  Then I remembered the guy that offered to buy my car and went over to talk to him, and warning him of the smell.  He took it for a test drive and made me an offer.  Thinking that I would have trouble selling the odorous car, I accepted his ofJag S-typefer right away.

Unfortunately my job offer fell through at the last minute.  I was was now without a car. For many of my friends and me, the thought of being locked up in the city all weekend, was daunting. We needed a breath of fresh air.  I started looking for a new car.

A month later I walked pass the hardware store, and the owner came out and said, “I found a small leak in a gas line and replaced it. It drives great now.  I’m also going to fix the fenders and repaint the car.”

“What color are you doing?”  I asked

“British Racing Green” he answered.

I hated him.

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