Honda XL250

After getting stuck in the Manhattan traffic for a few months I decided to get a motorcycle. I had jealously seen the bike riders splitting lanes on the crawling traffic while I overheated my engine standing waiting. One day I went over to the Honda dealer and bought a dual purpose bike, the Honda XL250, a dirt bike you could ride on the streets. Now I could commute and laugh at the stranded drivers as I swished back and forth between cars on the West Hide Highway.

The Honda XL250 was an air cooled four stroke single cylinder OHC with 20 hp at 8,000 RPM, with a kick starter. It worked fine for dodging and weaving in Manhattan, but with a max speed limit of around 80 mph, it felt anemic and insipid.

One day my wife complained that I was destroying my suits. I couldn’t figure out why or how I was doing this. I wore a suit to work every day, but my work was desk bound and didn’t require any physical work. The mystery was solved when one day a toll collector on the Washington Bridge told me that she had seen me pull away the day before, and the back of my suit was flapping in the wind and was tearing my lining off and going to ruin my suit. Mystery solved.

I didn’t blame the bike for my torn suits but I still started looking for something with a bit more umph.

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