Cadillac DeVille (diesel)

Soon the energy crisis came upon us and I thought I needed something with better mileage to make the commute. Those days I was trading commodities at E.F. Hutton, and the markets were active after 4-5 a.m. starting in the London markets.  I could not afford to lose touch with the markets for the one to two hours the commute could take. I also needed a large trunk where I could hide the 2-way radios and portable phone system I needed to trade from my car.  There was no cellular service.  You called the FM operator, and she connected you to the other party.

GM had just released a Cadillac with a diesel engine.  Since the gas crisis was upon us, it made sense.  It had a huge trunk. I bought it. In the back of my mind, I wondered if I was going to regret this impetuous move.caddy

Soon after getting the Caddy, a big client came to town and I offered to drive him to visit a nephew in the New Jersey coast.  The car was quite comfortable on the way south.  On the way back it was a different story.  At one point on the Jersey Turnpike, we had to drive uphill for a few miles.  The car could not maintain the speed limit.  Looking through the rear view mirror I could see a cloud of heavy blue smoke exiting from my exhaust pipes.  I was really embarrassed.  I was grateful my client did not look back.  A few minutes later the A/C conked out.  The rest of the drive we continued with the windows down, breathing the polluted air of the industrial parks and refineries as we approached Manhattan.  I hated the car.

The next day, I sold the Caddy.

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