Once the winter came, I knew I need another type of vehicle to drive.  I found a ’78 Ford Bronco.  The snow had started falling, so I also bought a snow plow to help me keep the driveway clear in the mornings.  This was fun!  Occasionally if I found unplowed roads or streets, I would drop the plow and remove the snow.  One time a cop stopped me and asked me what I was doing.

79 bronco“I’m plowing the road”. I answered.

“You can’t do that.  You need a license for that. Leave that to the pros. Go home.”

Commuting in the Bronco was fun.  I had a CB radio and my handle was Bluebeard.  In the Spring, I drove to spend the weekend with my friend Gerry Byrne, who lived in Quogue, Long  Island.  We decided that since we had a 4X4 we should drive out to the deserted beach and have some fun on the sand and surf.  Within 15 minutes we were stuck in the sand.  No matter what I did we just spun our wheels.  After a while somebody drove by in a Jeep and laughed when they saw us.

“Just lower your tire pressure you idiots!”  They hollered as they spun sand in our faces.

What a difference that made!  Within a few minutes we were also bouncing on the dunes listening to Simon and Garfunkel at full blast telling us that the Boxer took some comfort in the whores of Seventh Avenue.

Life was good.  Now all we needed was a gas station to refill the tires again.  Somebody should invent self inflating tires…

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